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Executive Summary

      It is estimated that there are more than 100 microbreweries operating in the Republic
      of Ireland, of which 72 are production microbreweries and at least 30 are brand
      owners that source all of their product from production microbreweries.

      There has been a 16% increase in the number of production microbreweries from 62
      in mid-2016 to 72 in mid-2017.  There is evidence that only two new microbreweries
      have been established in the first half of 2017.

      The output of craft beer by production microbreweries amounted to some 176,000
      hectolitres (hl) in 2016.  This represents a 31% increase on the 2015 figure of
      134,000hl.  In absolute terms, output rose by 42,000hl.

      Both the change in output volume and the percentage growth rate in output volume
      in 2016 was less than the previous year.  There is evidence that the market became
      more difficult for some microbreweries in 2016, with one in six breweries reporting a
      decline in production compared to 2015.

      Total beer production in Ireland amounted to 7,680,000 hl in 2016. The production of
      Irish craft beer at 176,000hl in 2016 represents 2.3% of the production market
      The consumer market for beer in Ireland was 4,576,000 hl for 2016. Irish craft beer
      consumption in Ireland amounted to 137,000 hl, indicating an Irish microbrewery
      share of Irish beer consumption of 3%.
      In addition to the 137,000hl consumed in Ireland, Irish microbreweries also exported
      39,000hl, or 22% of their total production.

      Two-thirds of microbreweries export, although the volumes are typically small. Four
      producers account for 69% of all exports by volume. The USA, followed by the UK,
      France and Italy were the principal export markets by volume in 2016.
      The total turnover of craft beer producers in 2016 is estimated at €52m, up 30% from
      €40m in 2015. In the five years since 2011, turnover has increased more than ten-fold.

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