Page 9 - Bord Bia | Craft Beer & Microbreweries in Ireland 2017
P. 9

There is currently substantial unused capacity in the microbrewing sector and
       more capacity is planned.  This could facilitate major output growth in the short
       term, if the growth in demand is sustained. To date, domestic demand has largely
       driven output growth.

       Based on international experience, there is substantial potential for further
       development of the Irish craft beer industry in terms of both numbers and output.
       An increase in the number of breweries to more than one hundred and a five-fold
       increase in output is possible over the longer term.

       There is a need for other microbreweries to expand their export performance, if
       significant growth in output is to be maintained.

       A recurring concern in the sector relates to restrictions on sale of own beer to
       brewery visitors and, to a lesser extent, at farmers’ markets. This is seen as a
       valuable marketing tool that would have significant dividends for Irish tourism.

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