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        Ireland is an international leader in responsible and organic seafood production. Irish
        organic salmon was the first seafood product to achieve the official French Agriculture
        Biologique (AB Bio) status and is recognised throughout Europe. Responsible
        stewardship and environmental protection are core principles guiding the development
        of our wild fisheries and aquaculture.  Ireland’s global market share in salmon
        production is less than 1% and production is on average 13,000 tonnes per annum.
        Close to 95% of our total production is now certified to an organic standard or quality
        labels such as AB Bio, Naturland, Irish Quality Organic and the European Organic

        Irish organic salmon thrive in the wild pristine waters along Ireland’s westerly coastline
        producing organic salmon since 1995.  Much of the exposed westerly coastline has
        a 1A rating for water quality - the best there is.   This, combined with the knowledge
        and expertise that has been built up over the last 3 decades, has given the Irish salmon
        industry a reputation for producing the finest quality organic salmon in the world.

        Irish salmon farming conditions are unique. Huge sea pens, located on the Atlantic
        coastline, expose salmon to strong marine currents and provide more than 10,000 cubic
        meters of water to swim in – the equivalent of a large cathedral. Stocking densities are
        very low: approximately two fish per 1,000 litres of seawater and less than 1% of pen
        volume stocked with organic salmon. Over an average of 18 months, salmon swim
        an equivalent of 13,000kms before reaching market size, comparable to the distance
        travelled in their natural migration.

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