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Key principles of organic fish production include:
         1.  Only organic, sustainable and GMO-free feed is used
         2.  Low stocking densities protect welfare and health (max 10kg per M3)
         3.  Natural ingredients are used for pigmentation
         4.  Producers operate an integrated environmental management system with a
            commitment to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

         Organic salmon from Ireland is among the most environmentally friendly and
         healthiest salmon farmed in the world. Our low intensity farming techniques lead to
         superior quality and in consequence higher demand. Organic salmon from Ireland has
         become a preferred reference for major international buyers because of our quality,
         environmental, food safety and certification criteria which are tracked and verified.
         The strong nutritional profile of organic salmon is maintained through a high level of
         sustainably sourced marine proteins in organic salmon feed to guarantee high levels of
         omega 3 fatty acids in fresh Irish organic salmon when it reaches the consumer.
         All of the salmon producers profiled in this directory are on the journey to becoming
         full members of Origin Green which is the only sustainability programme in the world
         that operates on a national scale.  Independently verified, it enables Ireland’s producers
         to set and achieve measurable sustainability targets – reducing environmental impact,
         serving local communities more effectively and protecting the extraordinarily rich
         natural resources that our country enjoys.

         For more information on Irish seafood, please contact:
         Tel: 00353-1-6685155

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